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14: SciFi is Not for Sissies; Westercon 66: A Skeptic Comes Home

The Queen of Sacra Fandom: Laurine White

Jim McLeod: Mr. Mcleod is probably not a new name to people who have been reading or looking at science-fiction fan publications.  His artwork illustrates many zines, and will also be prominently displayed at this year’s Worldcon.  His fanzine, Interplanetary Cornchips (co-edited by the indubitable Dale Goble), is in its seventh issue, with an eighth planned for September (expect it in December!).  SASSAFRASS, the science-fiction society he spearheads, plans to hold a convention in Sacramento in a few years, despite its entire membership being almost thrown in jail three months ago (admittedly, most likely because of Outlaw Fandom).  With a can of Coors in one hand (which we do not hold against him), a Rapidograph in the other, and a befuddled, dazed haze in his eyes, Mr. McLeod unleashes a steady stream of fine art that T!L!R! is please to be a part of.”  Contributor Note from True!Lust!Romances!, The Journal of Outlaw Fandom, Premier Issue, September 1972

Extracts (SASSAFRASS) (with apologies to Kim Stanley Robinson)

were evidently gathered together at the home of Jim McLeod for their first meeting.  Exactly when this occurred is disputed, but 1972 or ’73 seems to be the year.  The founders appear to be McLeod and Dale Goble, who brought in about a dozen other fans, and Jack Hastings (who McCloud and Goble had met at a convention), who brought along a few friends.  Ideas were exchanged and goals established, including a regular monthly meeting schedule.  According to various accounts, the alcohol consumption at that first meeting

soon became apparent that standouts included Laurine White and Ken Nahigian.  These were fans of the purest, most intense nature, “true fans” who loved and lived science fiction in a way most of the others could only dream of.  Bright and attractive, with minds that were forever flying in imaginative winds, they led most of the discussions and had the greatest insights into the sci fi world.  Ms. White was especially provocative and innovative; she was probably the first person in Sacramento to delve into “kung-fu Hong Kong movie” culture almost 20 years before it became “fashionable” in the Nineties, hosting her own gatherings/film showings at her house.  She without question earned her nickname as the Queen of Sacramento Fandom many times over.  On the other hand, she and Nahigian’s view of splinter group “Outlaw Fandom”

invited for the first time to the annual Yulemoot.  Unfortunately, during the mathom exchange, the Emperor, who had just recently been “elected” by Outlaw Fandom to “lead” SASSAFRASS, upset with the gift he had received, began loudly cursing and threw his gift across the circle of celebrants, which was almost as large as the room where it was held.  Several large gentlemen, probably members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, sprang up from their chairs and headed in his direction, as the other Outlaw Fandom attendees

even though the Alemoot was intended as Outlaw Fandom’s answer to the Yulemoot.  Held on the first day of summer, it was a ribald, bacchanalian gathering of OF, others in SASSAFRASS, bashers from the

SASSAFRASS and the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society should strictly follow these rules:
  1. One beer to be consumed every 15 minutes until only one team remained
  2. Puking would result in that participant's disqualification
  3. Five members per team
  4. Two appointed, impartial monitors would accompany any participant who left to use the bathroom
  5. Foul language and/or
To Be Continued

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