Sunday, June 7, 2015


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DiPierro, Self Portrait
“[Your Eno post] reminded me [that] in 1988 he was also an artist-in-residence with me [at The Exploratorium in The Palace of Fine Arts], and Brian did an amazing ambient installation [called Latest Flames] in one of the dark hidden columns outside of the Palace.  He built frosted plexiglass boxes around TV monitors and had color bands move on the screens inside, making the boxes look like glowing alien fireplaces in the dark room…as the glowing video light changed.  His beautiful composed ambient pieces of music played, and you got to sit on big stuffed couches in the dark for as long as you liked.  Very meditative.”  Daniel DiPierro, ex-Exploratorium employee 

So maybe it wasn’t exactly as I had remembered, but it WAS at the Palace and it WAS extraordinary!  Thank you Danny.

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